Executive Staffing

meetingTransTeq is committed to satisfying the client's needs to such a level that clients, candidates, consultants and staff employees will recognize TransTeq as the leader in the executive staffing placement industry. Drawing from over 15 years in the executive staffing field, TransTeq is a full service executive staffing provider for both contract and permanent placement positions. Although we recruit and place various positions, our specialization is in placing technical and transit professionals.

Although all our competitors look similar on the surface, there are major differences in terms of philosophy, business operations, focus and execution.

TransTeq targets high-end critical skills and we focus on filling our pipeline with the best technical talent in the market.  Once we identify the talent from our extensive databases of professionals we conduct in dept pipeline interviews to gain maximum knowledge of the consultant.  We then perform a thorough, due diligence reference check to ensure quality.  TransTeq builds and develops solid business/personal relationships with the consultants, develops career plans and provides career opportunities for those individuals.  We have an ongoing communication strategy with the consultant in order to become their employer of choice.

TransTeq conducts in depth appointments with user managers in order to gain maximum knowledge of the department, project, technology, deliverable, time lines, etc.  We build and develop solid business/personal relationships with the end users. We also develop and implement manpower planning programs/initiatives for our end users so that we are ready with talent when they have the appropriate requirement. TransTeq has a delivery process that is effective and efficient in terms of the time and effort required by the end user to fill a contract requirement.  TransTeq will deliver qualified resources within a 24-hour window.

One of our biggest competitive advantages in the marketplace is very simple. As an organization, TransTeq will train, educate and develop our staff better than the competition.  A better trained/educated/develop staff equals better bottom line results from the end user.

GOING THE EXTRA MILE...TransTeq has proven that we will work smarter than the competition. We will work harder than the competition. The operative word here is work.  Clients use TransTeq because they know that we will give the extra effort that is necessary not only to fill their openings but also to deliver the highest level of quality service throughout the entire hiring process.



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